Copy-editing/proofreading and beta reading. I help craft and polish your writing.

Whether you need a little help to smooth and hone your style, a quality check to pick up the little mistakes that always seem to creep in, or feedback on your text, I can provide professional editing and proofreading services tailored to your needs.

My editing and proofreading speciality is non-fiction, particularly business and IT related non-fiction. 

I beta read both fiction – particularly science fiction and fantasy, but also crime, YA and general fiction – and non-fiction.

I can help with your web content, blog posts or manuscript. How can I help you today?

Beta Reading / Manuscript Assessment

 Is your story or manuscript almost done, but you’d like feedback before you submit or go on to pay an editor? 

I will read your manuscript and give direct, honest feedback from a reader’s point of view, but also with an editor’s eye. Straight talking assessment from a passionate reader who loves books.

This service can be tailored to suit – a simple read through with general comments, or a comprehensive beta read and a detailed critique.

Let’s have a chat about what  you’re looking for.

Copy and Line Editing

 A line edit works at paragraph and sentence level, focusing on your writing’s flow, structure and style. The copy edit then looks at the language at sentence level – spelling, punctuation and grammar – and also considers logic and consistency. 

Edits suggested are tailored to your writing’s purpose and audience – not just corrections, but also suggested edits to strengthen your writing for clarity and impact.

Copy and line editing are usually carried out in Microsoft Word using Track Changes.

Fact, citation and reference checking can be included if required.


 The final stage before publishing is proofreading – checking for the little errors in your completed, copy edited and formatted text. I check for consistency and cross-references as well as spelling and punctuation, capitalisation and layout errors.

Proofreading is carried out on your formatted work – e.g. in MS Word or PDF.

Why should you hire me?

  • I have excellent English language skills – grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • … and a sharp eye for spotting errors
  • I have been writing, copy editing and proofreading for over 15 years
  • I can help with business writing, technical writing and rewriting, including translating technical language and complex concepts into plain English
  • I work with a range of clients, particularly independent authors and small to medium businesses, and different types of writing – whatever you write, I can probably help!
  • I’m a native British English speaker
  • I edit and proofread British and American English
  • I’m a former software developer and business analyst with good knowledge and understanding of IT and business concepts including development, support, training and governance, plus process improvement
  • I provide friendly, five-star service – I’ll do a great job for you!

What do you need?

I can tailor a package to your requirements, for example a ‘proof edit’ combining elements of line editing, copy editing and proofreading. Get in touch – for further information or to discuss your needs use the contact form here.

Not sure? I offer a sample edit to new customers, up to 1,000 words for a flat fee of £5.00 or US $7.00. Get in touch to discuss.


I can help you edit and proofread a wide range of writing – for example:

  • Fiction beta reading – any length, any genre
  • Non-fiction beta reading
  • Copy and line editing
  • Proofreading
  • Tailored packages
  • Web content
  • Blog posts
  • Non-fiction books
  • Fiction
  • Documentation
  • Technical and complex specifications

Need something else? I may still be able to help! Get in touch.


You can view my Upwork profile which includes testimonials here.

You can also find me on Find A Proofreader.com.